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ValleyHeart by Justin Rutledge

Justin Rutledge is a Canadian country music singer and song writer.ValleyHeart is Rutledge’s fifth album, released February 2013 which was released under the label of Outside Music. It is...

Clockwork Angels by Rush

Rush is a Canadian rock band and “Clockwork Angels” is the nineteenth studio album of the band.  The album was released in June 2012 under the banner of Anthem...

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MineCraft Songs

MineCraft Songs are the songs that are included in the games and are played as the background music of the games. They have their great importance as the game...

Tamil Christian Songs

Tamil Christian Songs are the devotional Christian songs in Tamil language. They are also referred to as “Lyrics” by Tamils in English. Such songs are totally the song containing...

Hit Songs of 2017

The English music industry is leading now a days with a bunch of hit numbers included recently in it. It is a bit difficult task to rank the songs...