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  • Popular Song by Mika Ft. Ariana Grande
  • Atlas by ColdPlay
  • Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus
  • The Fox by Ylvis

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Don’t Forget Who You Are By Miles Kane

Miles Kane is an English musician and singer, “Don’t Forget Who You Are” is his second studio album which was released in February, 2013. The album was produced by...

Am by Arctic Monkeys

English rock band “Arctic Monkeys” are into the industry with the release of their fifth music album Am. It was released on 6th September 2013. Arctic Monkeys broke a...

Clockwork Angels by Rush

Rush is a Canadian rock band and “Clockwork Angels” is the nineteenth studio album of the band.  The album was released in June 2012 under the banner of Anthem...

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Best Wedding Reception Songs

Weddings are the events where everything needs to go perfect and planned. And to make these days memorable, addition of classy songs is very important. The perfect songs make...

Top DJ Songs of 2017

When anyone wants to throw a party, they are looking for latest and best DJ songs. So here is the list that will have your guests dancing on the...

Top Spanish Songs

Spain is situated in south Western Europe. The language spoken in Spain is called Spanish and the songs sung in this language are known as the Spanish songs. Like...

Top Artists Biography


Usher Biography


There is no doubt that Usher songs are among the most popular in modern R&B. This is not surprising as he is among the best-selling recording artists in the music

The Lumineers Biography


The Lumineers are a folk band of America. They are also specialized in rock folk type. The band contains six members. The members are Stelth Ulvang, Wesley Schultz, Neyla Pekarek,

Taylor Swift Biography


American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is one of the brightest stars in the music industry today. She is a multi-awarded recording and performing artist who continues to make history though achieving