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Ariana Grande Songs


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  • Popular Song by Mika Ft. Ariana Grande
  • Atlas by ColdPlay
  • Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus
  • The Fox by Ylvis

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Regions of Light and Sound of God by Jim James

Regions of Light and Sound of God is the debut album of Jim James who was famous for being from the morning jacket.  The album was released in February 2013.  The name of the album is inspired from Lynd Ward’s 1929 novel...

The Invisible Way by Low

The band “Low” has released his tenth full album by the name of “The Invisible Way”. Low is an American Indie rock band and is working since 1993. The group members include Mimi Parker on drum and vocals...

In It To Win It by Saliva

When a man loses its front man, it gets sometimes hard for them to rebound it. it is kind of like losing your identity. Saliva is the latest band, which lost their front man Josey Scott who departed to pursue a Christian career....

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New Punjabi Songs

Punjab is a beautiful is a beautiful tiny place which lies in North-West India and North-East Pakistan. One of the biggest traits of Punjab is music. Today, Punjabi folk music is considered as a very diverse and highly rhythmic...

Top DJ Songs of 2014

When anyone wants to throw a party, they are looking for latest and best DJ songs. So here is the list that will have your guests dancing on the edge of their minds. People from all age groups are attracted towards the latest DJ...

Newest Country Songs

If you are crazy about Country music and can’t wait to get a hold of the Newest Country Songs list, then you have landed at the right corner. Country music is a genre of American popular music that originated in the rural...

Top Artists Biography


Drake Biography

Recording artist Drake is most noted today as the only black Jewish rap star in the world. His biggest break came when he played the role of Jimmy Brooks,

Justin Bieber Biography

The numerous Justin Bieber songs have made him a household name. But who is he, anyway? Justin Drew Bieber was born in London, Ontario in Canada on March 1,

Linkin Park Biography

Everyone would agree that Linkin Park songs are interesting and unique because those effectively combine rock and rap. The odd combination has proven to be a successful formula that