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Ariana Grande Songs


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  • Popular Song by Mika Ft. Ariana Grande
  • Atlas by ColdPlay
  • Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus
  • The Fox by Ylvis

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Set You Free by Gary Allan

Garry Allan is an American country rock artist and has been into music from a long time now. He sings and plays guitar and also does song writing. Set You Free is Gary’s ninth studio album.  It was released in January,...

I am not a Human Being II by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is an American rapper and this album “I am not a Human Being II” is his tenth studio album.He is famous for his hip hop style of music. This album is produced by Ronal Slim and Birdman who have served as...

Hotel California by Tyga

Don’t be surprised to realize that most Hotel California by Tyga album review articles emphasize the CD’s effort to mark the rapper’s career transition. Despite that, he has succeeded in keeping his braggadocio style, which is...

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Italian music is scattered along the lines of opera and instrumental classical music along with the best Italian songs which is inspired by both native and imported sources. Music has always been an integral part of Italy and it...

Top 10 Pakistani Songs

The latest research on songs have shown that the listed songs below are the Top 10 Pakistani Songs now a days and they are at the top list everywhere on the billboards. Let us not waste our time and just peep into the best...

Top Seraiki Songs

Saraiki language is one of the most popular languages of Pakistan. It is mainly spoken in the areas of Punjab like Multan, Bahawalpur, D.G Khan, Mianwali. These places have the main specialty of Saraiki songs which are sung by...

Top Artists Biography


Drake Biography

Recording artist Drake is most noted today as the only black Jewish rap star in the world. His biggest break came when he played the role of Jimmy Brooks,

Justin Bieber Biography

The numerous Justin Bieber songs have made him a household name. But who is he, anyway? Justin Drew Bieber was born in London, Ontario in Canada on March 1,

Linkin Park Biography

Everyone would agree that Linkin Park songs are interesting and unique because those effectively combine rock and rap. The odd combination has proven to be a successful formula that