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  • Popular Song by Mika Ft. Ariana Grande
  • Atlas by ColdPlay
  • Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus
  • The Fox by Ylvis

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Agnez Mo by Agnez Monica

Agnez Monica is an Indonesian singer and “Agnez Mo” is her fourth studio album. This album was recorded and released in Indonesia.  The album was recorded in English as its all of the songs are on English language...

Hollow Bodies by Blessthefall

Hollow Bodies are the fourth studio album by the American metal core band Blessthefall. The band is from Arizona, America.  The band members include Mike Frisby, Jarred Warth, and Matt Traynor. The album Hollow Bodies were...

Hotel California by Tyga

Don’t be surprised to realize that most Hotel California by Tyga album review articles emphasize the CD’s effort to mark the rapper’s career transition. Despite that, he has succeeded in keeping his braggadocio style, which is...

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Cool Songs of 2015

The list of Top Ten Cool songs consist of the songs which are worth recognizing. These songs have all the qualities which include them in this list. All the songs in this list have beautiful rhythms and beat which make them the...

Top Spanish Songs

Spain is situated in south Western Europe. The language spoken in Spain is called Spanish and the songs sung in this language are known as the Spanish songs. Like all other languages, this language also has its own importance in...

Classic Songs

Classic songs are more into the field other than others and the audience love them due to their intense lyrical structure and best composition. According to me, the Top 10 Classic Songs are given as follows. 1. Stairway To...

Top Artists Biography


Ne-Yo Biography

Many Ne-Yo songs have already ruled the music charts around the world. Ne-Yo is simply one of the best and most popular music icons we have today. He is

Austin Mahone Biography

Austin mahone is an American singer who got his fame through his videos and songs on the YouTube. He was born in 4th April 1996 and is 17 years old.

Keith Urban Biography

Keith Lionel Urban is 45 years old New Zealand born Australian singer. He is a country singer, song writer and guitarist as well.He was born in New Zealand but