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Posted on Sep 1, 2013 in Ariana Grande Songs, Pop Songs, Top 50 YouTube Songs | 0 comments

Almost Is Never Enough by Ariana Grande Featuring Nathan Skyes Review

Ariana Grande is back with a bang with her latest sound track Almost Is Never Enough. The song features the very hot favorite of many Nathan Skyes.  This is duet among the two artists.  It is a romantic kind of ballad song and is from her debut album Yours Truly.  The song has a very nice music and is appreciated by many. The song was performed by Ariana along Nathan in a show on TV a few days back and has been included in the album as well.

The song has some of the verses missing than the original one as it is a radio edited version and is meant to be played on air. This is a three minutes or so song.  The song was written by Harmony Samuels and was produced by him as well.  The lyrics of the song say about one finding his love of the life but losing him from his life afterwards. It is a very sweet song with loving lyrics. The composition is great and it is one of the numbers that must be admired by the fans. The fact that these two are dating each other cause of success for this song.


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