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Passione by Andrea Bocelli

Passione is the fourteenth studio album of Italian singer Andrea Bocelli.  The album was released in January 2013. Bocelli can sing in various languages and has done the same...

Girl Who Got Away by Dido

Dido is an English singer and song writer and “Girl Who Got Away” is her fourth studio album.  The album was released In March 2013 all over the world....

Welcome to Fishbowl by Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney is an American country music artist. The album “Welcome to Fishbowl” is his fifteenth studio album. The album was released in June, 2012 under the banner of...

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Kids Christmas Songs

Christmas is one of the well known and brightest traditions all over the world. People of all age groups enjoy this festival with full boom and participation. Christmas is...

Top 5 Bangla Songs

Bangla music is the music which is heard in Bengal. It is a religious type of music by the Bengalis. The lyrics are composed in the Bengali language. The...