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Red by Taylor Swift

Basically, many of the Red by Taylor Swift album review articles note that this effort heralds her transition into the adult-pop realm. She may seem like finally dropping her...

Random Access Memories by Daft Punk

Random Access Memories by Daft Punk album review articles mostly emphasize its being a history lesson. Daft Punk proves to be an expert in paying homage. The duo has...

willpower by

It has been long 6 years since released his first solo venture as a recording artist. Now, he is out with another CD to please his growing number...

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Top 100 Songs of 2017

2017 is about to reach and the youth is fully involved into the music of today. In such circumstances it is hard to perceive about the songs that will...

Top Mehndi Songs

Mehndi is one of the basic functions in one’s life. The wedding is incomplete without it. Now days, the trend has changed and people have made this function much...