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Secret Symphony by Katie Melua

Secret Symphony is the fifth studio album by the British singer and song writer “Katie Melua”. The album released on March 2013.  The album was recorded at the Air...

Girl Who Got Away by Dido

Dido is an English singer and song writer and “Girl Who Got Away” is her fourth studio album.  The album was released In March 2013 all over the world....

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New Pop Songs of 2017

Listed below are the latest Top 10 New Pop Songs of the week. This chart is compiled after consulting different charts of the music industry. It is intended to...

Top French Songs

French is a language spoken by the people of France. It is a Roman language. It is also spoken as a second language by many people around the different...

Top Italian Songs

Italian music is scattered along the lines of opera and instrumental classical music along with the best Italian songs which is inspired by both native and imported sources. Music...