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Posted on Oct 8, 2016 in Blog Posts | 0 comments

Cool Songs of 2017

Cool Songs of 2017

The list of Top Ten Cool songs consist of the songs which are worth recognizing. These songs have all the qualities which include them in this list. All the songs in this list have beautiful rhythms and beat which make them the top songs. The singers who have sung these songs are also well known.

Demons: This song is the release by a very famous band Imagine Dragons. The song has an epic rhythm and has something which makes the listener addicted to this song. The person wants to listen to this song again and again. The ups and down in this song are so perfectly synced that not even the music experts can object. The song is very beautifully sung, with the entire feel the singer has.

All night: Icona Pop has sung this melodious song. This song has a fast beat which makes the listener energetic and he just wants to dance on this beat! This song talks about staying up all night and partying like it’s your last. It is more of a party song and many people have appreciated the release of this song. The singer invites everybody in the house to join and party with her like it’s never too late. Thus, this song is the one which revitalizes the mood of the person listening to it.

Monster: This song is sung by Rihanna Ft. Eminem te song has been released as one of their best. The song is a very good one as it has achieved high ratings on billboard. It has achieved national as well as international appreciation. Rihanna and eminem both make up a fantastic couple when it somes to singing. This is their very famous hit after giving a hit “Love the Way You Lie”. As Rihanna loses a beat, Eminem lifts it up with his magical rap. The rap seems all real and he has done it with great perfection. This song has done a great business in America as well as other countries.

Berzerk: Eminem is the singer of this song. He has sung this song with great feel. This song has a fast rhythm. He raps back to back and nobody can lean those lyrics by heart. And even if somebody learns them, he can not sing them with Eminem. He is one of the best rappers alive who keep on giving us awesome hits like he has given this time. Berzerk is a song which has achieved very high ratings on the Billboard.

Wake Me UP: Avicii is the singer of this song who has sung this song with great zeal and zest. This song starts slow but as it proceeds further, it goes fast and the auditor starts enjoying it. The song is a beautifull one. Avicii has given another hit which nobody can deny.  This song has a deep meaning and every word of this song has touched every auditor’s heart. The rhythm of this song is very appealing to hearts of listeners. It has achieved great ratings on Billboard.

Wrecking Ball: The famous singer Miley Cyrus has sung this song. The starting is slow but the singer lifts up the rhythm with great perfection. The lyrics are beautiful but her perfect voice has made this song even more appreciable. This song has done a great business and has been ranked high in the Billboard ratings. The song has a deep meaning and it has also done great business because of its video, ich matches the story described in the song.

I Promise You: Backstreet Boys, the famous band of male singers have sung this song. This song explains the feeling of the singer which he has for his lover. He tells that he loves his lover a lot. The song has a very deep meaning. It is a romantic song which many people appreciated. The song has received great admiration. The music is light which fits every mood. The song is thus, a very nice composition which is also recognized internationally.

Roar: Katy Perry, the very famous and able singer has sung this song and she has sung this song with great feelings. This song has a very beautiful meaning. Katy Perry tells that nobody needs to depend on someone. But one can be strong without the ones who let them down. This song has a high pitch sound and a heavy music. Thus, this song is ranked high in the Billboard ratings.

If I Lose Myself Tonight: If I Lose Myself Tonight is the song by One, Republic.  The song is a slow one but in the chorus, it starts to have a fast beat and which the singer picks up with great ability. The song is very melodious and people have liked it all over. It has received great ratings and heat by the music industry as well as the audience. The instruments used in this song are guitars, drums and pianos. The song needs no amendment as it is a full package which everybody has loved recently.

Timber: Kesha and Pitbull are the singers of this song; they have sung this song with perfect collaboration. Nobody has made such a perfect couple when singing such a difficult song. The beat and lyrics of this song want the listener to dance freely and forget about everything. The song has very good background music. The rap of Pitbull has made this song even better. The song has received great comments and a very positive feedback which every song should have. It has also received high rating on the Billboard.

The list of Top 10 Cool Songs has all the songs which are worth adding in the list. The songs have awesome music and they have been composed with great abilities. All the singers have given awesome hits. The package of these songs on the whole, is what a listener needs. Hope you enjoyed the list!


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