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Dance Songs

Turn Down For What by DJ Snake & Lil Jon
Timber by Pitbull ft. Ke$ha
This Is What It Feels Like by Armin Van Buuren Featuring Trevor Guthrie
You Make Me by Avicii
Animals by Martin Garrix
Work B**ch! by Britney Spears
Stay The Night by Zedd ft Hayley Williams
We Own the Night by The Wanted
Wake Me Up by Avicii
Right Now by Rihanna featuring David Guetta
Play Hard by David Guetta featuring Ne-Yo and Akon
Live It Up by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull
I Need Your Love by Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding
Just Keep Breathing by We the Kings
Don’t Rush by Kelly Clarkson feat. Vince Gill
Clarity By Zedd Featuring Foxes
Wop by J. Dash
I Could be the One by Avicii and Nicki Romero
Anything Could Happen By Ellie Goulding
Catch My Breath By Kelly Clarkson
Beauty and a Beat By Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj
Scream & Shout by featuring Britney Spears
Va Va Voom By Nicki Minaj

About Dance Songs


Dance songs never fail to make it to the cut in most important music charts around the world. There is always a thriving and profitable market for such tracks. That is why there are numerous tracks in this genre that are released every now and then. No wonder, there are specific and particular charts that focus on the latest and most popular dance tunes today.

Needless to say, dance music is produced to accompany or facilitate dancing. Good dance songs can be musical pieces as a whole or can be just a component of a bigger musical arrangement. In many cases, typical pop songs or ballads are even re-engineered or remixed to create their dance versions. That practice recognizes how great and prospective the market for this genre is.

It was in 1981 when the modern form of popular dance songs emerged. Dance music started using electronics, a style in popular music that is heavily appreciated in radio stations, nightclubs, live shows, and raves. It picked up from where the 1970s-era disco left. Computerization was introduced to give songs a new mix. Creative techniques in disco (like sampling, looping, and segueing) were integrated into techno, trance, and house music.

When personal computers proliferated in the 1980s, electronic dance music boomed. Computers and synthesizers became important tools when producing dance songs. Physical or traditional music instruments became rarely used. Electronic and digital sound emerged as standard. Consequently, a number of sub-genres of dance music have evolved. Those include acid house, tech step, euro trance, grime, and speed garage.

In 2000s, popular sub-genres of dance included trance, dance pop, dance-punk, electro house, contemporary R&B, electronic dance, and hip hop. From 2010, some of the most popular additions are: electropop, New Rave, electro-industrial, dubstep, dubstyle, moombahton, and technopop.

Popular dance songs are among the best selling singles these days. The list of recording artists who release dance albums keeps on growing. It is interesting that some talented DJs are even active in producing good dance songs which feature some of the most popular singers and recording artists from other genres.

There are radio stations that focus on playing dance tunes. It is not surprising that those are gaining strong following. In the airwaves, one can be hear an ideal mix of many related music formats like rhythmic contemporary and rhythmic adult contemporary. Mainstream music is commonly comprised of popular dance songs from various artists. Dance music from all over the world is also crossing and encompassing geographic boundaries.

What are the top dance tracks these days? As always, there is an interesting mix of songs. A number of those come from popular recording artists and DJs. Some are from music artists from other genres. The movement of tracks across the list is as interesting as the songs. Moreover, many singles come from other music markets. This list is unique because tracks from the US, UK, and other countries mingle smoothly and harmoniously. This week, this chart gets more enticing and interesting. Are your favorite dance tracks in the list?