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Posted on Oct 21, 2013 in Miley Cyrus Songs | 0 comments

Drive by Miley Cyrus Review

Miley Cyrus is once again backing into the field with her smashing romantic song “Drive” from her upcoming studio album. The song is a love ballad with a sensational feel. The track is a soft one.

The lyrics of the song are so emotional that it is obvious from the words that the vocalist is asking from her lover that he had promised her to live in her heart but now she can find no one living there. The conversation of the singer becomes so emotional when she comes to the verse of the song as she wanted someone to highjack her heart and to drive into it but there is no one to treat her as a princess. Her heart is alone. Actually needs a partner whom she can say that her heart belongs to.

The hidden and alone feelings of the singer are revealed in the song and the emotional mood gives the melancholy feel to it. The lyrics of the song are easy to understand the feelings and depressive mood of Miley.

The soft music is a plus point of the track which makes it wonderful. The music composition of the song is done so flawlessly that there is no need of debating that something is missing in it. The tragic concept is portrayed in a beautiful manner through the vocalist’ voice and the slow and light beats used in it.


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