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Posted on Apr 13, 2013 in Canadian Top 50, Chris Brown Songs, Hip Hop Songs, UK Top 100 Songs | 0 comments

Fine China by Chris Brown Review

Every ‘Fine China’ by Chris Brown review reflects the quality and receptiveness of this new single from the popular R&B/hip hop recording artist. The song was released as the initial single from his sixth upcoming CD ‘X.’ The track was well anticipated that a music video was produced and was released a day before the actual release of the single.

 In the past, Brown’s singles were released without much fuss. Interestingly, all of those did well commercially. These days, it is just logical that his releases are hounded by some forms of controversy. Brown has figured in some nasty issues the past several months. Thus, you could expect to hear much buzz about everything he does. But his followers and most music critics are certain that the quality of his music would still prevail and eclipse his talked about personal facets.

 Many critics assert that this new song still features the sound that may resemble the quality of tracks by Stevie Wonder. The growly vocals may be close to some of the songs performed by Brown’s idol, Michael Jackson. This is not surprising because for quite some time now, he has been open in admitting that his music idols have been the greatest influences in his career and life. 


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