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Posted on Oct 6, 2016 in Blog Posts | 0 comments

Love songs of 2017

Love songs of 2017

Love songs are the ideal tracks for any couple or an individual to listen. Such songs make up for the kinds of emotions that most of us cannot express. Music is the most beautiful manner in which one can get lost in the past or contemplate about the future. Love is a wonderful feeling that can be explained in different ways. There are so many stories that are expressed through the romantic songs. Love songs are present in everyone’s play list. Following is the list provided to you of the Good Love Songs of 2017. These are believed to be played in year 2017 as well because they are really famous since their release.

Let’s Get It On: Let’s Get It On is a spectacular song sung by a well known English singer Marvin Gaye. The track is almost everybody’s favorite love song of today and will also remain in the future. This song is full of love and romance. The music of the song is spotlessly composed and this is the reason why it has become a heartthrob. Such songs always stay in the music industry for a long time.

Thank You: Thank You is also another best example of Good Songs of 2017. This particular song also depicts a romantic feel that it is a wonderful treat for the love birds. This song is the heart and soul of the every loving couple as it gives a best imaginary love theme to the mind of the listener. This track is really a popular one. The splendid music composition and the fabulous use of instruments have made this song a great number.

I’ll Be There: I’ll Be There is a great song by Jackson 5. He has put all the possible efforts in this song by giving his tremendous quality of voice to the song. It is also a perfect hit of its time and is still popular for its heartthrob lyrical content and music composition. This is the reason why this track made its position on the billboard. All the romantic couples love this song very much because the songs like this represent the stories of their love and happy life along with their partner.

I Will Die For You: I Will Die For You is a tremendous track sung by a competent artist Prince. Love songs are made up of memories, emotions and depth with lyrics that can sway a person into that mood. This song is also one of them. After listening to this melodious song, the listeners are embedded into the melancholic feel of the song. The lyrics of the song are so touchy that they express the mood swings of the vocalist and his feelings are boiled out of his mind to the ears of the listener.

Your Song: Elton John has sung this song in a mind blowing manner and his extra ordinary qualities and abilities are revealed in the song. This song is no doubt another excellent example of the Good Love Songs of 2017. It grips a great romantic feel and the lovers are really amused by the lyrics that are lawlessly written along with the astonishing music composition. The musical instruments used in this song are arranged in such a beautiful manner that they give an immense feel to the song.

We Found Love: We Found Love is a great hit by Rihanna. The song also features an artist named Calvin Harris. This song is a splendid track with full romantic theme, which is a major attraction for the lovers. The lovers after listening to this song feels like as if this song is really made for them as it has a great lyrical content. The music of the song is also terrific.

Set Fir To The Rain: Set Fire To The Rain is a great Good Love Song of 2017. It is sung by Adele. This song has a fantastic music and lyrical content. The music video of the song is also a great composition. The song has become a heartthrob since its release. It became a popular number and this was the reason why it stood at the peak position of the billboard chart. The ups and downs of the beats in the music of this song are able to be appreciated.

Without You: Without You is also another good example f Good Love Songs of 2017. David Guetta has sung this melodious track. His voice has poured magic into the romantic feel of the song. The song also consists of a featuring artist known as Usher. He has equally contributed into the song’s success. The harmonious song gives a great treat to the ears of the listeners and this track has become a good love song which is believed to be heard in 2017 also due to its mind blowing music composition.

You Make Me Feel: This particular track involves the combined efforts of many artists in making it a wonderful track of all time. A band named Cobra Starship Sung this song along with the featuring artist Sabi. The song has a true love theme in it which is a plus point of the song and it gives pleasure to the listeners. The music of the track has no flaws in it and the rhythm in it is complete for sure. The track is a surprising number I must say.

It Will Rain: Bruno Mars has set the floor to fire by giving this superb release. It is a great song of its time and became popular since its release. The drums and pianos played in this particular track are arranged in such a beautiful manner that the song seems to be complete.

This was the list of Good Love Songs of 2017 as they are believed to be heard in 2017 as well. These songs are the smashing hits of their times. I hope you will like them.


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