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Posted on Feb 10, 2014 in Blog Posts | 0 comments

Malayalam Christian Songs

Malayalam Christian Songs

Malayalam is a language spoken in India, predominantly in the state of Kerala. It was declared as the classical language by the government of India in 2013. Songs sung in this language are known as Malayalam songs. The religious songs about Jesus in this language are known as Malayalam Christian Songs. These are sung in a very respective way. The list of these songs is given below.

Bahu Deepukal: Bahu Deepukal is one of the best examples of the Malayalam Christian Songs. It is a typical religious song sung for the Jesus. The singer has beautifully sung this track and his vocals truly justify the Malayalam culture and religion along with the Christianity feels into it. The lyrical content of the song is so interesting that the listener is forced to listen to it again and again. Due to this reason, this song is at the top of the list.

Bhaaram Chumaporre: Bhaaram Chumaporre is another good example of this category of songs. This song is sung with all the best features in it and the singer has done a great job while delivering this release. . The song is considered to be one of the best songs from the artists’ album. It is a pop rock and adult contemporary ballad. The song is based around the piano and utilizes orchestral sounds. The lyrics of the song are centered on the worshiping of God.

Cheruk Cheruka: Cheruka Cheruka is also the best example of this category and is a famous religious song. The song totally has a feeling of worshiping the God. The video of the song is amazing. This particular song has a deep feeling of Christianity in it and the melancholic music accompanies it. The song is a great hit and the singer has done a marvelous job while singing this awesome piece of art. The lyrical content is so amazing and worth discussing.

Aammin Aayavane Paadi: Aammin Aayavane Paadi is a heartthrob and is popular in India as it contains a pure Indian feel into in along with the concept of Christianity.  The pure Christian depth is understood by its tempting lyrics and the mind blowing music composition. The song became a number 1 hit on the Malayalam radio and was the most played song of the year. The music has a blend of banjos and pianos into it to give the song a pure deep feel. It is a treat to the ears of the listener.

Ishtam: Ishtam is a popular Malayalam song sung with full zeal and zest by the singer. This track has a number of plus points in it starting from the heartthrob lyrics to the awesome music. The music of the song is mind blowing and the lyrical content is worth considering. The lyrics show the love of the vocalist for his God and it is all about worshiping so it is considered in this list. The track peaked at the top position after the time it was released.

Innu Enta Jeevitham: This song is a mind blowing track from the singer of the times. It is one of the most famous worship songs of today. The flawless music composition has played a major role in the success of the song. The song is a great hit and is famous for its solid lyrical content that is about worshiping God. The love for God is obvious by the lyrics. This song also won an award in 2007. The track purely depicts a Christian picture and the love for the God is shown through the lyrics and the melancholic feel.  The lyrics centre on the concept of worshiping God.

Bhoomi Podu Poda Potunno: Bhoomi Podu Poda Potuno is also a major example of such category. The lyrics of the song deals with the concept of forgiveness. It has a great musical composition along with the beats of drums and pianos that gives a treat to the ears. The song was a great hit of the time and became popular with the passage of time that it is considered. It is a pure Christian song and this is the reason I have included it in this particular list. The lyrics are so catchy and the song brings an ultimate feel to the heart. The song is about the God and His powers through which we are blessed in the form of luxuries He blesses upon us.

Apathu Velakalil: Apathu Velakalil is a good Malayalam song. It has a bundle of excellent features in it. The lyrical content of the song is so great and the worshiping of God is explained in it. Word of God Speak uses sparse instrumentation, featuring only piano and strings to accompany the vocals of the singer. The lyrics of the song reflects on the idea that it is impossible to speak of an infinite God with a limited vocabulary. It is a contemporary song with a length of three minutes and seven seconds. The lyrical content of the song is worth considering and the pianos and drums are played so flawlessly.

EE Mayurathra: This track is another best example of this category. The lyrics of the song are so catchy and the vocals of the song are so interesting. This song gives the pure Christian and Malayalam feel to the song and it gives an immense pleasure to the listener. This is the reason why this song is included in this particular list. The music of the song is so tempting that it gives an eventual feel to the listener. The song is a heartthrob and it becomes a great composition. This is a pure Malayalam song and it is a splendid hit of its time.

This was the list of Top Malayalam Christian Songs which became the most famous songs of the time and they are a heartthrob. I hope you like the list of these songs and please do provide us your precious feedback. It will be definitely appreciated.


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