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Posted on Mar 19, 2016 in Blog Posts | 0 comments

New Punjabi Songs 2017

New Punjabi Songs 2017

Punjabi language has its own fame and dignity in the world. Punjabi language has its own greatness, so the songs are also sung in this language. Now days Punjabi songs are becoming more famous day by day and they are capturing all the audience in their grip through their heartthrob music and superior music. New Punjabi songs 2017 are given to you through a recent list.

Yara way yara: Yara Way Yara is a new Punjabi song sung by Jutt Boys. Jaison Thind has given the outstanding music of the track. The song is a full Punjabi version and the vocalists have poured the magic of their voices into the song, the lyrics are catchy. The song is released in August 2013. Punjabi songs are a treat to the ears and so is this song. The vast variety of the music has taken this track to the peak position on the billboard chart.

Brown Rang: This exclusive song is sung by the very famous singer/rapper Honey Singh. This song is a pop song which is one of the best releases of Honey Singh. The first chorus of the song is slow but as the main part comes, the beat starts to become fast.  The vocals of this song are also splendid. Different instruments are used in this song with great co-ordination. As one beat drops, the next is joined to it with awesome momentum.

Kuri Tu Butter: This song is another release of the famous and able rapper/singer Honey Singh. He cannot stop giving awesome releases. Every time he decides to release a song, he gives the audience an exclusive track. Kuri Tu Butter is a song which swings adrenaline in one’s blood. Excitement rushes through the blood and the listener automatically wants to dance on this beat. The rhythm of this beat is awesome which does not have a match.

Desi Thumka: Desi Thumka is the song of famous singer Nauman Khalid. This song is a song with a very fast beat and awesome lyrics. At one stage the music becomes slow, but at the very same time it becomes fast enough to sway the listener in air. This song is extremely suitable for dance. Especially on weddings and party. Thus this is thought of as a party song. The song sets the listener in mood and he wants to swing on every beat he listens.

Ni Nachle: This is the song by the very famous and well known singer Imran Khan. The music composition is outstanding with the collaboration of flawless lyrical content. The vocals of this song are so awesome that they want the listener to jump off his seat and dance! The beat is so awesome that without the age variation, everyone wants to take full advantage of the beats and move. This is a song which is suitable for weddings. The song is also ranked high in billboard’s rating.

Teri Meri Gal: Rimz J has sung this song beautifully and the song has taken a great position on the billboard. The vocalist has poured the magic of his voice in this particular song. The music of the track is flawless with the great combination of rhythmic lyrical content. The pure Punjabi feel come to the song through the deep vocals of the singer Rimz J. He has done a brilliant job while singing the song. The music of the song has ups and downs in it and the music is pop style. The song is a gem we must say.

Ek Adha Peg: Ek Adha Peg is a song by Bill Singh. Bill Singh is a well known artist and has sung this awesome song with full enthusiasm and energy. The song has a great music and mind blowing lyrics. The lyrics of the song depicts the picture that one or half peg of vine can make a person go crazy and make him dancing. The song has a couple of drum beats in it and the pianos give an immense effect to the song. The tune of the track is very smooth and it gives a deep feel to the listener. Ek Adha Peg is a famous New Punjabi Song now days.

Pyar karaan Sohneya: Pyaar Karaan Sohneya is a bombastic track by the competent artist Honey Singh. The track also features another superb vocalist known as Rimz J. The track is a super cool number and the vocalists have raised the level of the song higher on the billboard chart. The lyrics of the song are really meaningful and the song tells the story of the lover singing this romantic song for his beloved. The main theme of the song is to show the love for the partner of the singer. It is a romantic song with full romantic feel. The beat of the song is melancholic and the listener is compelled to listen to it repeatedly as it is a treat to the ears.

Tu Mennu Fuddu Kaini Ayn: A well-known Punjabi singer Shakti Rawal has sung this song with all his hidden talent and has made his name after this song. It has become so famous that every party or drive is incomplete without this track. The song has a lyrical content that is not very meaningful but yes at the same time it conveys some idea to the listener that is that the boy is complaining to the girl that she use to call him useless or things like that. Beyond every aspect, the music of the song is very tempting.

Rangala Punjab Haniyo: Rangala Punjab Haniyo is a song by two of the best singers ever known as Bill Singh and Honey Singh. This song also has ranked high on the billboard as it has a beautiful music composition and the lyrics are also amazing.

This was the list of New Punjabi Songs 2017 that are topping now days at the billboard chart and we hope that you will enjoy the list. Right?


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