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Rock Songs

Sirens by Pearl Jam
Monster by Imagine Dragon
A Light That Never Comes by Linkin Park
Reflektor (Song) by Arcade Fire
Bruises by Train Featuring Ashley Monroe
This is Gospel by Panic! At the Disco
Hail to the King by Avenged Sevenfold
Easy by Sheryl Crow
I Got You by Jack Johnson
Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood
Safe and Sound by Capital Cities
Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey
Still Into You by Paramore
Pom Poms by Jonas Brothers
The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy
Madness by Muse
Sail by Awolnation
Too Close By Alex Clare
Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
I Will Wait By Mumford & Sons
Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men
The A Team By Ed Sheeran
It’s Time By Imagine Dragons
Some Nights By Fun.
Home By Phillip Phillips

About Rock Songs


Rock music is a spinoff of the highly successful ‘rock and roll’, which emerged during the 1950s in the US. In the 1960s, it evolved to include more and unique styles. At the same time, its popularity spread from the US to the UK and to other countries. That was the age of classic rock songs, which up to this day never fail to make waves.

Rock songs are heavily influenced apparently by other music genres like country and rhythm and blues. It also draws influences from blues, folk, classical, jazz, and other music sources. You may agree that this makes this kind of music outstanding and endearing to a wide range of music followers.

The 1960s is considered as the golden age of rock music. The period is characterized by the emergence of numerous classic rock songs. At the same time, a number of sub genres to rock has also emerged especially those that can be referred to as hybrids for example folk rock, blues rock, jazz-rock fusion, and country rock. These have contributed to the formation of psychedelic rock, which paved the way to progressive rock, glam rock, and heavy metal.

In the 1970s, punk rock rose as an energetic form of music that reacts to overt social and political issues. It ushered rock fans into the 1980s. It also served as an influence to other subsequent sub-genres like post-punk, New Wave, and alternative rock.

In the 1990s, the alternative rock movement set the standards for rock songs. It dominated this genre. It was so successful that in the period, alternative rock songs dominated the mainstream music in the form of indie rock, Britpop, and grunge. Again, there was a fusion with other genres to produce interesting sub-genres like rap metal, rap rock, and pop punk.

Today, rock still centers around the electric guitar, which converges with drums and bass guitar. The genre has become so diverse that it may now be difficult to define common musical characteristics. The lyrics used are often about romantic love, just like in most pop music songs. It is also typical for the words used in rock tracks to address a broad variety of many other themes with political or social emphasis.

If you may notice, there is also a dominance by white musicians, who are mostly male. Analysts and observers think that this is an important factor that has given the genre its current landscape, shape, and theme. Needless to say, this kind of music puts more emphasis now on live performance, musicianship, and ideology of authenticity.

Through the years, rock has embodied and embarked social and cultural movements. It has become part of music culture. Don’t be surprised if it remains as among the most popular and most sought after types of music. Though many critics and skeptics may claim that rock has died, the fact remains that it is immortal and will remain with us as long as music exists. Above you can find list of the best and most popular rock singles today.