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Posted on Jan 6, 2014 in Blog Posts | 0 comments

Top 5 Bangla Songs

Top 5 Bangla Songs

Bangla music is the music which is heard in Bengal. It is a religious type of music by the Bengalis. The lyrics are composed in the Bengali language. The Bengali music is a traditional music that is usually heard in Bengal and different areas of India. It has its own dignity and fame. Some of the Top Bangla Songs are listed below to find out the best songs of Bengal ever.

Jodi Chole Jai: This song is one of the best songs of Bengal that is widely heard in the respective areas. It is sung by Kumar Bishwajit. He has poured the magic of his voice into the song and has made it a popular hit. This track is taken from the album Drishti Bhora Brishti. It is a pure treat of 5 minutes and 49 seconds to the ears of the listener.

Tumi Shuki Hou: This song is the title track of the album Tumi Shuki Hou. It is also sung by a competent singer Asif Bhenge. This track is an ultimate source of good entertainment for the listeners. The song depicts the full mood of Bengal and is heard worldwide by the Bengalis living in different areas of the world. This song has a beautiful music composition and the lyrics are also worth discussing. Both the things give a good impact to the listener.

Amar Moto: Amar Moto is one of the other good examples of Top 5 Bangla Songs. This track is a famous hit by Nachiketa. The singer has done the best to the song. The magical vocals are provided in it and the lyrical content is also one of the major points in the success of the song as it is so meaningful. The drums and pianos play a vital role in making a song the heartthrob.

Jak Na Ure: Jak Na Ure is a major hit of Bengal by Milon Mehmud. This great number is taken from the album Eito Prem. The song is an outstanding one. The lyrics are so tempting that the listener if once hear the song, he/she craves to listen to it again and again. The ultimate music of the song is so awesome that it gives a melancholic effect to the listener. The listener definitely embeds into its great feel of Bengal.

Protikhon: Protikhon is also one of the best hits of Bengal given by Hridoy Khan. This song is taken from the album Hridoy Mix 2. The track has a beautiful combination of great music and superb lyrics. The music is so amazingly composed that the beat of the song is so clear. The ups and downs of the instruments are played very nicely in the track.

The above mentioned list is a very helpful list if you are searching for the Top 5 Bangla Songs as it provides all the hit numbers in one package. I hope you will like the songs and provide us your precious feedback. Give the suggestions if you want to improve the list. Your effort will be appreciated.


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