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Posted on Sep 12, 2016 in Blog Posts | 0 comments

Top DJ Songs of 2017

Top DJ Songs of 2017

When anyone wants to throw a party, they are looking for latest and best DJ songs. So here is the list that will have your guests dancing on the edge of their minds. People from all age groups are attracted towards the latest DJ songs that are floating around.

The magic of this year’s DJ songs will turn a dull and lazy person into the most fun and ferocious party animal. The newest Top DJ Songs of 2017 list will offer you to listen to the most updated songs of the year. The list is as follows:

1- Clappers: This song is the best example of the DJ song as it has the ability to make the listeners dance and bounce throughout the song. The beat of the song is so catchy that everybody loves its music composition.

2- Bad B**ches Link Up: This is also one of the top DJ songs of the year and is believed to be heard several times by the music lovers in the coming year also. So it is included in the list.

3- Bounce It: “Juicy J” along with other featuring artists has sung the song marvelously. The skills of the vocalists are so visible in the song and this is the reason that everybody loves the track. The lyrics and music of the song are worth it.

4- No New Friends: This track has taken the nation to the upper level by its well done music and beat. The people are in its deep feel and the song has done a great success that it has become one of the most popular Top DJ Songs of 2017.

5- We Own It: “2 Chainz” along with “Wiz Khalifa” has done a great job while delivering this song. It is one of the most popular DJ song of the year and is played everywhere in the parties or stuff.

6- Levels: This is a marvelous track by a competent artist “Meek Mill”. The music composition and the instruments used in the song justify its lyrics. It has become one of the most smashing hits of the year. The song is so wonderful that everybody loves it.

7- I Don’t Believe You: The track is a hit number indeed and the music composition done in it is no doubt awesome and beyond expectations. So it is included in the list.

8- Use Me: Use Me is an outstanding track of the year and is believed to be heard by the youth, especially the music lovers in the upcoming year as well. The song is a great hit.

9- Love Me Long Time: This song is a precious DJ song which is an outstanding track by the singer. This song is therefore included in the list of Top DJ Songs of 2017.

10- Dance All Night: Last but not the least; the list includes this super hit track. The song has a beautiful use of musical instruments in it which makes it outstanding.


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