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Posted on Nov 10, 2013 in Blog Posts | 0 comments

Top Hollywood Songs

Top Hollywood Songs

Hollywood songs are the songs that rule the world with audiences spread across the globe who gather to dance and sing along with their favorite artists. Hollywood is the biggest music industry we have in the world and the songs included in it are so popular that they are considered to be the most famous songs among all.

Some of the Top Hollywood Songs are given below so that you might come across them easily while searching for the top songs of Hollywood. The list is given below.

1- We Can’t Stop: “Miley Cyrus” sings a beautiful track with all her vocal qualities and makes the song as strong as she could. The lyrics of the song are so sensuous that it becomes more tempting. The beat used in it is flawless and the song therefore acts as one of the best songs of Hollywood.

2- Treasure: “Treasure” by “Bruno Mars” is another example of the top Hollywood songs. It is so famous that every single soul loves it. The chorus of the song is so catchy. Similarly, the lyrics of the song play a vital role in its success. The song has a best music composition also which makes it mind blowing.

3- Mirrors: “Justin Timberlake” has stunningly released this song. The track is the best example of the Top Hollywood Songs. It has a great music composition and lyrical content as well. The vocalist has spread the magic of his voice in a beautiful manner that it has become a heartthrob.

4- Safe and Sound: This track is sung by a band “Capital Cities”. They have put all their efforts to make this song a hit number. The track has a great music composition. The instruments used are greatly played. It is one of the famous Hollywood songs.

5- Come And Get It: “Selena Gomez” has sung this song with great effort and made it a great hit of all the times. The song is a wonderful masterpiece and a great Hollywood hit. The lyrics are so meaningful that everybody seems so comfortable with them and the beat of the song makes everyone dance.

6- Counting Stars: “One Republic” has sung this song with great zeal and devotion that it has become one of the Top Hollywood Songs. The musical instruments used in the song are so melodious that they give a tempting effect to the song. The lyrics are also catchy.

7- Get Your Shine On: “Florida Georgia Line” has marvelously sung this song. The track is so catchy and the composition is done in such a good manner that everyone is forced to listen to it repeatedly. The beat of the song is so appealing.

So the above mentioned list of the Top Hollywood Songs is provided to you after a great research. We hope that you will like it and will provide us with your precious comments so that we may come to know that how much our choices resemble. Right ?


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