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Posted on Nov 7, 2013 in Blog Posts | 0 comments

Top Mehndi Songs

Top Mehndi Songs

Mehndi is one of the basic functions in one’s life. The wedding is incomplete without it. Now days, the trend has changed and people have made this function much more important than any other function by doing the Nikah Ceremony at the same day. So it is considered as a big function. The bride and groom are so conscious about their occasion as well so the selection of the mehndi is done so keenly by every single at the ceremony.

As the mehndi function is the heart and soul of the entire wedding, so it should be the best among all the functions. And it can be made lively through the songs we choose. So here the list of the Top Mehndi Songs is provided.

1- Mehndi Laga Kay Rakhna: This song is a best mehndi song ever heard. Shahrukh and kajol features it and the beat of the song are so catchy that it makes everybody dance.

2- Mehndi Hai Rachnay Wali: This track is a slow beat song but a ludi song indeed. The lyrics are so good that they completely match with the mehndi function.

3- Mehndi Lagaungi Mai: One of the greatest hits of its time is this song and is played now days also. So beautiful music beats by the music composers is given and it makes it a heartthrob.

4- Bhumro Bhumro: Hrithik and Preety feature the song from movie “Mission Kashmir”. The song is really a fast beat and forces every heart to rock the dance floor at the mehndi function.

5- Mehndi Ki Raat: The list of Top Mehndi Songs also includes this track. The song is so famous and old but its importance is still there at the function of mehndi. The song is slow pace but so melodious and sweet. It is sung by Junaid Jamshed.

6- Hojayegi Balle Balle: It is an evergreen hit by the popular “Daler Mehndi”. This song is a full on entertaining track and the lyrics are so good that it gives a pure Punjabi feel to the track. The song makes everybody dance and rock.

7- Saadi Gali: The most recent and most popular sound track for the function of mehndi is “Saadi Gali”. Madhavan and Kangna features the song and the music is so fast that everyone dance with its beat. The song is a pure mehndi song as it makes every single to rock the dance floor. Its composition is marvelously done.

8- Maine Payal Hai Chankai: This song is sung by “Falguni Pathak” and is a good mehndi song. Its beat is a bit slow but girls love to dance on its beat at the function of mehndi. Its lyrics are so beautiful and the melodious vocals by the singer give a great company.

So here is the list of Top Mehndi Songs that can make the occasion best of all and I think it is the most important function in all the wedding, what do you say?


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