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Posted on Dec 23, 2013 in Blog Posts | 2 comments

Top Seraiki Songs

Top Seraiki Songs

Saraiki language is one of the most popular languages of Pakistan. It is mainly spoken in the areas of Punjab like Multan, Bahawalpur, D.G Khan, Mianwali. These places have the main specialty of Saraiki songs which are sung by many able and known singers. These songs are recognized all over the world and the demands for these songs are also increasing day by day. Some of the famous top songs of Saraiki language are as follows.

Kaala Jora: This is the very famous song of Malkoo who is a popular singer in Punjab, Pakistan. This song has lyrics with a deep meaning and awesome music. This is the release of 2008 but still is in the top music’s list. The lyrics of this song are in which Malkoo demands his lover to wear a black dress as she has not been wearing it since a very long time. And he demands her to wear it as he insists that she looks beautiful in that dress.

Wah Jo Pyar Ki: This song is sung by Mansoor Malangi who is one of the known singers of Pakistan. This song has very strong lyrical content and outstanding vocals given by Mansoor Malangi. The singer talks about his lover who left him after making promises of love and life. This song actually talks about betrayal. The song is beautiful and has a meaning which can be understood easily. The music and its beats are very beautiful and people love to hear this song.

Kameez Teri Kali: Atta Ullah Khan is the singer of this very famous song. This song is liked all over the world. Atta Ullah Khan has always given us great hits and this song is also one of them. This song was ranked highly on the billboard chart. Its music is very tempting and awesome. It also has splendid lyrical content. The mind blowing musical instruments are used which include tablas and harmonium. This is the reason why this song is included in the list of Top Saraiki Songs.

Patna Te Bay Kay Dhola: Asif Shehzada is the singer of this beautiful song. This song talks about a girl who has been betrayed by her lover. She keeps on thinking about him whenever she is doing work or anything. She does not know where to go without him. Thus, this song has a very strong meaning. It is made more beautiful by the music and this is why it is counted as one of the Top Saraiki Songs.

Mera Yar Ve Tun: This song is the creation of very famous singer Pathanay Khan. This song has an amazing content and a very beautiful meaning. The lyrics of this song are referred to Allah. Pathanay Khan says that he depends on Allah only and everything he has is given by Him. This is a Sufiana Kalaam which is liked by everyone on the whole as he praises Allah. Pathanay Khan says that Allah is his only world and the only thing very important to him is Allah. He says that his true love is Allah.

Pillon Pakian Ne: this song is sung by Surraiya Multanigar. This song has a great musical and lyrical content. The voice of Suraiya Multanigar is Overwhelming. This song is liked by the people of all group ages. The lyrics of this song are also deep. Other than the lyrics, this song has a very good tune which makes the listener addicted to this song. The instruments used in this song are selected carefully which are tablas and harmonium, along with some others. Because of this, it is ranked in the list of Best Saraiki Songs.

Uthan Walay Tur Jan Gay: This song is sung by Atta Ullah Khan Esakhelvi. The love legend of Sassi and Punnun is often used in Punjabi Poetry as a metaphor of being careful in love. The poet makes a mystical statement- warning of the smallest measure of complacency on the Path of Love which is fraught with danger and deception. This song is the version of Coke Studio releases. And with this thought, one can automatically know the level of this song. The instruments used in this song add up a fantastic mix to this song as they suit the tune splendidly.

Main Thaal Mehndi Da Chai Khari An: This song is mainly sung in the weddings on dholkis. Girls also preffer to perform “Luddi” on this song quite often. The song is slow but has a beautiful lyrical content and beats. It is of a decent rhythm and people like it all over the world. Plus, this is a traditional song everybody wants to listen to. Saraiki language in this song is used with such great fluency which nobody can question. The song has very good ups and downs which attract the listener towards it. And these are the reasons why this song is ranked in the Top List of Saraiki Songs.

Kuri Walaiyti Nache: Malkoo is the singer of this famous song Kuri Walaiyti Nache. It has a strong fast beat which is not mostly seen in Saraiki Songs. Saraiki songs are mostly slow but Malkoo gives a different twist every time. The lyrics of this song refer to a girl who has come from abroad and dances on the Saraiki beats of Pakistan.

Vas Ve Dhola: The very famous singer Humaira Channa has sung this song. This song has a strong lyrical content which makes the auditor addicted towards this song. The lyrics of this song are that the singer is demanding her lover to stay in front of her eyes every time. And she wishes that he stays with her forever. Thus, this song is one of the best Saraiki songs ever released.

These songs have the reasons for which they are ranked in the list of Top Saraiki Songs. Every song has its own specialty and is known worldwide. I hope that you like the list provided.


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