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Wedding Songs

I Need Your Love by Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding
Wop by J. Dash
Candy by Robbie Williams
Let It Roll by Flo Rida
I Love It by Icona Pop
C’mon by Ke$ha
Gangnam Style By PSY
Don’t Stop the Party By Pitbull ft. TJR
Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars

About Wedding Songs


Weddings are special occasions. Such events will not be complete without appropriate and perfect wedding songs. These tracks set the mood. These even convey messages that the newlywed couple and their guests can relate to. The songs even entertain and engage guests so they can enjoy the event more. In general, wedding music is played at wedding celebrations, which include the ceremony and the reception. These may be performed live by vocalists or musicians. The use of pre-recorded songs is also common. Music wraps up and completes the event, whether traditional or not.

Top wedding songs are usually love songs. This is quite logical because the messages of the tracks capture and convey the actual affection and feelings not just of the couple but in general, of the occasion. The tracks are usually selected based on the messages as reflected on the lyrics. In some cases, the tune and rhythm are more considered than the words used in songs.

What is interesting is that weddings are occasions wherein love is celebrated. Thus, you may expect to hear wedding songs that truly convey romantic messages. Ballads are popular as those tell stories, which can relate to the love story of the newlyweds. But these days, the selection becomes more odd, flexible, and non-conventional.

The choice of songs for weddings gets more unpredictable these days. If in the past, love songs dominate the list, now, you should not be surprised that country, rock, and even hip hop are included in wedding playlists. The couple usually decides which tracks to be played on their own occasion. Most of the time, the songs play important roles in the relationship or convey a lot of significant memories that are special to the newlyweds.

It is interesting how many people now pay importance to wedding music. If you have the chance to make a list of wedding tracks, you may find it difficult to come up with one quickly. That is because the choice for wedding music is not an easy and fast one. There are many factors to be considered. It is hard to find songs that perfectly convey stories relating to your own. And yes, you have to consider the feelings, perceptions, and emotions of your important guests.

That is why lists of wedding tracks are always appreciated. To save you from all the hassle and tediousness of finding perfect songs for weddings, there are lists that specially focus on this category. You may check out the songs that are included in the list. Some can be considered as classic while others are more contemporary.

Here is a list of top wedding songs that you may consider including in your own wedding playlist. The mix can be interesting. Some are perfect for ceremonies while others are just for receptions and other post-event parties. It is always a challenge how to create an ideal combination as it is not advisable to play only one song throughout the entire occasion. What songs can you play in this important event in your life?